The Rotary Club of the South Cotswolds
The Rotary Club of the South Cotswolds

Paralympic Games 2012

The sun shone over London, travel arrangements from wiltshire had been faultless, the train was full of like minded people young and not so young on a similar mission who were all talking to each other. To make the day nearly complete we were greeted by hosts who had a smile on their face and made us feel very special. What more could one expect - well as it turned out to be a lot lot more!!


Where we're we  going - on our way to the Olympic Park to see the para Olympic games. As some of you will know the Rotary Club of South Cotswold secured some tickets for the finals of the 'blind football' and provided the opportunity for young Scott Pockett from Charlton and his parents to see the game. Scott is an avid football fan (supports Chelsea for some reason) and has recently taken up wheelchair rugby.


Having experience the delights of the rest of the olympic park which to say the least were impressive both in terms of scale and organisation, we settled down to watch the semi final and final of ' blind' football!!!. First spain against argentina for the bronze medal followed by Brazil and France for the gold and silver. We thought the semi final won by Spain on penalties was impressive until we watched Brazil take on France - both teams took the game a whole new level and although Brazil took the gold medal the French were equally impressive.


The pictures tell the story but to see the delight on the Pockett's family and the other youngsters was just great - Pam sum up the visit by describing it as a once in a life time experience that was both humbling and a privilege in equal parts. My only complaint was the price I had to pay for two beers - one was for me but I will leave you to guess who the other one was for !!!


The final word must go to the organisation which was faultless, the public face of which was represented by the military personnel and police there to keep us safe   who were polite and impressive but above all
else to the game makers, the volunteers who made everyone feel very very special - summed up by one who said it was her last day and she just 'didn't want it to end'