The Rotary Club of the South Cotswolds
The Rotary Club of the South Cotswolds

Technology Tournament 2015

The first “local” Rotary Technology Tournament took place on 25th June at Deer Park School in Cirencester. Rotary Clubs in the UK, mainly in the North and Midlands have been holding Technology Tournaments for many years now (15 years in Leeds), and this year there will be more than 100 Tournaments across the country.


The aims and objectives of the Tournament are to develop students' interest in design, construction and technology, and to help students develop their skills in teamwork and communication.


Three local schools took part in the event organised jointly between South Cotswolds and Cirencester Rotary Clubs. The schools: Deer Park, Kingshill and Sir William Romney sent teams from key stage 5, years 7 to 9.


The Rotary Lead Technology Tournament Steering Group creates a new challenge each year; this year it was “Crossing the River”. It was not, as was imagined, using planks of wood, rope and maybe some old oil drums in a muddy field. Instead, it was to be create a model cable system able to carry a package (2x AA batteries) across an imaginary crocodile-filled river!


The three tasks had increasing levels of difficulty:

  1. Build a model that will cross a rope between designated points carrying a load
  2. As item 1 but additionally to deposit the load on opposite bank
  3. As items 1 and 2 but also to make the model reverse back across the rope

To see some of the photographs taken click here.


The children were asked to carry out task 1; their teachers, who also took part in the challenge, were asked to carry out tasks 1, 2 and 3.


Throughout the day the teams were monitored and marked on various aspects:

  • Planning, teamwork and communication
  • Design and development of each model and how it performed
  • The team Portfolio document, which recorded the work carried out to reach the final design

The day was a great success, and the children and teachers seemed to enjoy the challenge. The winning school was Deer Park, and each of the four team members was presented with Amazon vouchers as a prize.


We congratulate the teams that took part, and hope that this “pilot local event” will lead to the Technology Tournament becoming a permanent fixture in the calendar.