The Rotary Club of the South Cotswolds
The Rotary Club of the South Cotswolds

Canal Trips

The Willow Trust was founded in 1989 and took delivery of its first boat in 1991, to be joined by a second boat in 1993. The aim of the Trust is to provide a unique opportunity for disabled people of all ages and with any disability or serious illness to enjoy a therapeutic day on the water without them having to pay.

Every weekday, between the beginning of April and the end of October, the Trust’s two boats cruise on the beautiful Gloucester to Sharpness Canal with groups of disabled or seriously ill people on board. The day, when somehow pain and disability are forgotten, brings much joy and inspiration into the lives of many less able people. 

Rotarians from South Cotswolds are pleased to be able to help the Trust. The photographs below are of a typical trip with The Willow Trust on the Canal, starting at Saul Junction. Once on board the group was given hot drinks and biscuits, and began its journey in glorious sunshine.


After exploring the vessel a number of the party went to the bridge to have a go at steering, including Rotary's President Phil and his grandchildren. After reaching Slimbridge the boat turned around for the trip back and had a most enjoyable meal.


It was a memorable day, the weather was kind to everyone, the crew were very informative and always had a smile on their faces. It was obvious that they really enjoyed doing what they do. The Willow Trust does a wonderful job, ensuring that people with all kinds of disabilities have a great experience. We wish Liz Rowland and the Willow Trust all the best for the future.

                  Can I have a go now?                             I think we should have gone that way!