The Rotary Club of the South Cotswolds
The Rotary Club of the South Cotswolds

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The Canicross start at the Badminton Horseless Team Event


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We are pleased to advise that we are now holding our meetings on the first and second Monday of the month and also if it occurs, on the fifth Monday if it is not a Bank Holiday. The meetings are taking place at the Old Royal Ship, Luckington SN14 6PA at 6.30pm for 7.00pm. If you would like more information about the meetings or our Club please contact us at:






Rotary Club helps with Covid Vaccination Roll-Out
Many of us will by now have had either one or both of our Covid-19 vaccinations. Those of you who visited the Malmesbury Primary Care Centre on one of the Pfizer mass-vaccination days will have, no doubt, noticed the stewards helping out in the car park. Hopefully you found their efforts helpful. These stewards were co-ordinated by the Rotary Club of the South Cotswolds.

On each of these days somewhere around 800 people were vaccinated – at a site in no way suitable for that number of people (and their cars) in one day! Each vaccination day needed a crew of at least 5 outdoor stewards – in all the Rotary Club organised well over 100 steward shifts. This was made more difficult as the Primary Care Centre generally only had a few days’ notice of each batch of vaccine and then had to arrange vaccinators and book in recipients in a hurry – and to contact the Rotary Club to ask for car park stewards!

The stewarding resource required was beyond the capabilities of the South Cotswold Rotary Club alone – so the Club was very pleased to have the support of a number of friends and from the nearby Rotary Club of Royal Wootton Bassett and District. In fact one of the friends who became a stalwart steward noted what we were doing when he came for his own vaccination and asked to join us!

Being outdoor stewards we were, of course, subject to the full range of British Spring weather, including rain, wind, hail, lightning, occasional sunshine and the coldest April for many a year! However we received many accolades and thanks from those coming for their vaccinations which reinforced the knowledge we were making a significant contribution to the vaccination effort locally.

Tetbury Fireworks - 6th November 2021- Cancelled



We are very sorry, but the logistics of arranging the various elements and having enough volunteers to safety put on a display has not been possible to achieve this year.





Human Fruit Machine in action at the Malmmesbury Community Day.

Saturday 8th February 2020.


Our Rotary Club


Founded in 1967, The Rotary Club of the South Cotswolds is a mixed Club of 17-20 Members who are actively involved in a range of Local Community, National and International projects. The Club represents the towns of Tetbury and Malmesbury, plus many of their surrounding villages and communities.


Our membership is made up of people from a broad background who, apart from wanting to help the disadvantaged, enjoy the stimulation of meeting and socialising with like-minded people.


We have a varied and stimulating speaker programme as well as a number of social activities throughout the year. Details about these can be found under Social Events and Diary on this website.


We normally meet on Monday evenings at 7:00pm. Due to the COVID-19 situation we have currently suspended our meetings.Visitors are always welcome to our meetings, as are guests and anyone interested in Rotary and in helping the local Community. If you would like to meet us at one of our Monday meetings please contact us.


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